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Adult Family Caregiver's Network (AFCN) is pleased to present our online training archive. Below are links that allow you to sort all of our available trainings and find those that are most relevant to your training needs. Sorting by volume allows you to see our trainings in chronological order. Sorting by category allows you to browse our trainings based on topics that fit your state's licensing requirements.


All of our trainings appear under each of the sorting filters below. Each training listed under the Sort by Volume filter also appears in its respective category under the Sort by Category filter. Example: A training listed in Volume 3 may also appear under the Behavior Management category. Please ensure you do not inadvertently order the same training multiple times under different sorting filters.

Who can use AFCN CE trainings/what is covered:

Both private and public agencies and organizations can use AFCN CE trainings. New CE Tests are published monthly. Noted experts in caregiving often cover topics. We always encourage you to check with the licensing entity in your state to ensure that this type of training will be counted toward training hours. See our editorial calendar for topics scheduled to be covered in 2012. Click Here to View How to Use AFCN CE Trainings

How to order:

Click the links below to ORDER NOW or click the following link to view AFCN order forms that can be downloaded and printed.

*Important Publisher's Note: Reproduction of CE Tests and Certificates of Completion may VOID your training hours.

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