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Family Daycare Training

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Family Daycare Training 
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Child Care Support Network (CCSN) is pleased to present our Family Daycare (In-Home) Training. With this, you get to select a volume of trainings as a bundle. Each volume consists of 15 training hours. You are issued all the trainings at once and you can complete them at a time of your convenience. Upon completion, you send all the trainings to us for grading and we then issue you a certificate of completion for 15 clock hours of training.

This is specifically set for Family Daycare Providers that are able to use our 1-Hr Trainings. Each volume consists of 12 trainings. 3 of these trainings are 2-Hr Trainings and the remaining 9 are 1-Hr long. Only 1 should be ordered per teacher.

An order of 1 volume includes 12 trainings, and a Certificate of Completion indicating 15 clock hours of training.

How to order:

Click the links below to ORDER NOW or click the following link to view CCSN order forms that can be downloaded and printed.

*Important Publisher's Note: Reproduction of Tests and Certificates of Completion may VOID your training hours.

Update: If you received information in the mail and wish to order just 12 hours, please send that order form to us in the mail. Due to a number of requests to offer 15 hours, we are allowing Family Providers to take all 15 hours in one bundle. Also, if you need only a couple trainings, you may hand pick the trainings you want at $5 per hour. To do this, you must call in the order. Thank you for your understanding!
Family Daycare Training
Family Daycare Training