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Employee Assistance Report

Employee Assistance Report (EAR) has been providing helpful information and solutions for EA professionals for over 10 years. The information we provide includes, but is not limited to:

• Important work-life issues such as eldercare, workplace bullying, and various workplace addictions;

• EAP-specific topics such as balancing the needs of employees and employers, comparing/contrasting different EAP models, marketing the EAP; and

• Legal advice on potentially litigious workplace issues.

A subscription to EAR also includes a number of inserts:

Brown Bagger
This convenient, easy-to-use monthly bulletin is designed as a ready-made training for use with employees and/or managers or it can be adapted to best suit your needs. Topics change each month and are often, but not always, related to the cover/lead article. *FREE with a paid subscription to EAR.

This popular monthly bulletin offers different health and wellness topics in a quick-read format. Like the posters, they may be personalized with the name of your EAP and contact info, and printed in color. * B&W version. FREE with a paid subscription to EAR.

Payroll Stuffers
This monthly insert may be placed in employee pay envelopes or mailboxes to promote the use of your EAP. *FREE with a paid subscription to EAR.

NEW! Electronic version – Your electronic version includes a monthly email with links to the current issue which includes a full color .pdf version of EAR, .pdf version of Brown Bagger, .pdf version of the Payroll Stuffers, full-color .pdf version of Lifestyle TIPS and our NEW EAP Blasts. The Payroll Stuffers, EAP Blasts and Lifestyle TIPS can be personalized with the name of your EAP and printed on-demand. Due to customer requests, we have added the EAP Blasts - full-color versions of the payroll stuffers in a fully editable Word-document format to use and tailor to meet your needs. *FREE with a paid subscription to EAR.


“It is very informative, and there is a varied selection of topics that are relative to today.”

-- Margie Waldrum,
Administrative Contract Manager
Family Service of Morris County

“EA Report provides me with another credible, current source for professional information on issues of importance to my practice.  I like the fact that the content is concise, focused and practical.  I also enjoy the ‘Brown Baggers’ and appreciate the time they can save me organizing information /materials for this kind of presentation.”

-- Dave Worster,
Director of EAP Services,
Concord Hospital

“Continue the great work. It is the most useful publication I have seen in years.”

-- Robert Seidner,
EA Coordinator,
Meriter Health Services