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Adult Family Caregivers Network

At the request of social service agencies in Wisconsin that lamented the time and effort involved in arranging trainings for caregivers, in October 2005 Impact established the Adult Family Caregivers Network, a CE training for caregivers that assist elderly and individuals with developmental disabilities in small family-run homes.

AFCN offers practical caregiving advice on a wide variety of topics, such as behavioral interventions, infection control and safety, medication management, and various mental health issues. Noted experts in caregiving often cover topics.

AFCN has approximately 250 member agencies that distribute the CE trainings to about 2,000 caregivers in numerous states. The following are some of the reasons why the tests are so popular:

Impact always encourages you to check with the licensing entity in your state to ensure that this type of training will be counted toward training hours.

How it works: Caregivers conveniently complete the training in their home. They read the three-page article, answer the questions on the back, and turn it in to their support agency. Participating AFCN agencies, in turn, can then credit caregivers with one hour of training each month. We always encourage you to check with the licensing entity in your state to ensure that this type of training will be counted toward training hours. See also the FAQ link, or call us with questions at 715-258-2448.

Who can join/what is covered: Both individual, private, and public agencies and organizations can sign up, but agency and organizational membership allows multiple caregivers to complete trainings. New trainings are published monthly. Noted experts in caregiving often cover topics.

If you are interested in taking online training, please visit us at www.impacttrainingcenter.net.


"I'm very impressed with the trainings that I have received."

- David Magsamen
Janeway House

"It is wonderful to be able to get our training needs filled with your training materials. We aren't able to travel all the miles to get training. The costs to stay overnight and then pay for training are just too much. Thank you for what you do."

- Louise White
Angel's In Waiting

"Your trainings make a caregiver feel you are looking out for them with the help they need to succeed."

- John Gormley
Binder AFH

"They provide easy ideas to integrate into current processes to implement immediately."

- Pamela Brooks
North Country Care Ranch