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Employee Assistance
Resource Network

The Employee Assistance Resource Network (EARN) is your source for cost-effective resources designed to help you enhance awareness and maximize utilization of your EAP.

EARN's resources include:

Employee Assistance Report (EAR)
A monthly newsletter that has been providing helpful information and solutions for EA professionals for more than 10 years. We cover important work-life issues; EAP specific topics, such as marketing the EAP; and others.


A monthly bulletin that provides health and wellness advice on a variety of topics in an easy-to-read format. LifestyleTIPS may be personalized with the name of your EAP and contact info, and printed in color.




Can be posted in the workplace to enhance awareness of your EAP. They may be personalized with the name and contact info of the EAP, and are printed in full-color. Choose from Over 90 full-color posters in categories such as stress, anger management, time management, addiction, mental health, and others.