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Foster Care Support Network

Budget cutbacks and arranging face-to-face trainings can make foster parent trainings a real headache. It was in response to this lack of convenient and inexpensive trainings for foster parents, that Impact Publications launched the Foster Care Support Network (FCSN) in July 2001.

FCSN offers practical parenting advice on a wide variety of topics, such as attachment and bonding, sexualized behavior, anger management, life skills training, and others. Noted experts in foster care often cover topics.

FCSN has approximately 150 member agencies that distribute the CE trainings to nearly 3,000 foster parents nationwide. The tests are also available in Spanish. The following are some of the reasons why the tests are so popular:

  • CE tests are convenient because foster parents can read the test at home and hand it in at their convenience, so there’s no scheduling nightmares for foster care agencies!
  • CE tests are inexpensive – as little as $1.75 per hourly credit – and that’s no small consideration in today’s budget-strapped economic climate!
  • CE trainings increase foster parent retention by providing useful parenting advice, and improving communication between agencies and foster parents.
  • CE trainings improve the standard of foster care by educating foster parents on the latest techniques and trends covering a wide range of foster care topics.
Impact always encourages you to check with the licensing entity in your state to ensure that this type of training will be counted toward training hours.

How it works: Foster parents conveniently complete the CE Test in their home. They read the three-page article, answer the questions on the back, and turn it in to their support agency. Participating FCSN agencies, in turn, can then credit foster parents with one hour of training each month. See also the FAQ link, or call us with questions at 715-258-2448.

Who can join/what is covered: Both individual, private and public agencies and organizations can sign up, but agency and organizational membership allows multiple caregivers to complete CE Tests. New CE Tests are published monthly. Noted foster care experts often cover topics. We always encourage you to check with the licensing entity in your state to ensure that this type of training will be counted toward training hours.


"I love your program and the information that I receive. It has been very helpful and useful for my folks I work with and serve."

- Sheila Stephenson
Butterfield Youth Services

"It is informative information that reinforces what we are seeing with the children today, and it helps the foster parents understand more."

- Carol Gates
Frontier Family Services

"Things make sense and have worked for other people."

- Krystal Preuss
Jackson County Human Services

"The CE tests work very well to supplement training for foster parents in our rural area. Gas prices and busy lives make group training difficult."

- JoAnn Masters
Yellow Medicine County Family Service Center