Below are the training titles and descriptions for each Personal Care AFCN training. After you have determined which trainings you are interested in ordering, select the number of tests and answer keys you will need for each. Only one answer key is needed for each training per facility. Each test includes a certificate of completion per caregiver.


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*We encourage you to check with the licensing entity in your state to ensure that AFCN trainings will be counted toward training hours for your caregivers.


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Important Publisher's Note: Reproduction of Tests and Certificates of Completion may VOID your training hours.


Volume 7, No. 8 Training & Certificate


Elder Abuse: Awareness, Education Key to Prevention

This training answers questions such as: What are the types of elder abuse? What are some principle indicators of abuse? Who is at risk for being abused? and Who typically abuses? The training concludes with a number of steps that a caregiver can take to prevent elder abuse.

Category: Residents’ Rights

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Volume 7, No. 8 Answer Key

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Volume 13, No. 1 Training & Certificate


Dementia: Causes, Signs, Early Symptoms, and Risk Factors

Memory problems, forgetfulness, confusion, and delayed thinking may not just be signs of old age. They could in fact signal a much bigger problem that is yet to come. Dementia, slowly steals a person’s ability to function leaving them unable to communicate with family and friends. This training takes a closer look at the causes, signs, early symptoms, and risk factors of Dementia, and how gaining a better understanding of the symptoms will help you before it is too late.

Category: Dementia

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Volume 13, No. 1 Answer Key

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Volume 13, No. 7 Training & Certificate


Preventing and Recognizing Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect is all too common in residential facilities today; bedsores, bruises, belittling, and changes to financial statements are just a few ways someone can take advantage of a good-natured person without their consent or knowledge. This training takes into account prevention and recognition measures, as well as laws and rights.

Category: Residents Rights; Abuse & Neglect

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Volume 13, No. 7 Answer Key

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Volume 14, No. 4 Training & Certificate


Safeguarding Against Abuse and Neglect

This training will help caregivers identify signs of abuse and neglect and guide caregivers in maintaining an environment safe from abuse and neglect. Participants will learn strategies for safeguarding children, older adults, and special needs populations of all ages against abuse and neglect. Motivating caregivers to take a proactive approach to identifying and preventing abuse and neglect in the home setting, will result in improved safety for vulnerable populations.

Category: Abuse & Neglect

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Volume 14, No. 4 Answer Key

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