At the request of a social service agency in Florida that lamented the lack of a convenient and inexpensive training for child care providers, in January 2007 Impact launched the Child Care Support Network (CCSN), a training for child care (e.g. daycare) providers.

CCSN offers practical advice on a wide variety of child care topics, including language development, cultural and racial diversity, special needs, and various health and safety issues. Noted experts in child care often cover topics.


CCSN has approximately 500 member agencies that distribute the trainings to more than 5,000 child care providers nationwide. The following are some of the reasons why the tests are so popular:


  • CCSN Trainings are convenient because child care providers can read the test at their convenience (even during naptime!), so there’s no weekend, after-hours, or other scheduling nightmares for child care agencies!
  • Tests are inexpensive – as little as *$2.50 per hourly credit (depending upon what state you are in) – and that’s no small consideration in today’s budget-strapped economic climate!
  • Trainings improve the standard of child care by educating providers on the latest techniques and trends covering a wide range of child care topics.



What is CCSN Training? All CCSN trainings are printed and delivered by mail. Staff reads through the training, completes a comprehension test, and a wordsearch. Our 2-Hr Training features an additional interactive component, which is especially beneficial for staff interaction.


How it works: Child care providers can complete the Test at their convenience. They read the three-page article, answer the questions, and turn it in to their supervisor. Participating CCSN child care agencies, in turn, can then credit the child care provider with one or two hours of training each month and then issue a certificate of completion to the child care employee. See also the FAQ link, or call us with questions at 715-258-2448.


*Prices may vary in states due to different state training requirements. If you reside in the states of Washington, North Carolina, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Illinois or Kentucky the Full Service 2-Hr Trainings are required. With the Full Service 2-Hr Training, we grade your tests.


*Please click the following FAQ link for more information.


CEU's: Our trainings are approved for CEU's!!! Take a peak at the CEU tab for information on pricing.


Who can join/what is covered: Both private, and public agencies and organizations can sign up. New trainings are published monthly. Noted experts in the child care field often cover topics. We always encourage you to check with the licensing entity in your state to ensure that this type of training will be counted toward training hours.

































"The time you save for our staff is priceless."


- Nancy King

First Steps Children's Center



"These training pamphlets are very helpful in our everyday learning and teaching strategies. We are able to successfully implement many of the concepts in daily activities and routines."


- Brittany Clevenger

The Cub's Den



"The concepts presented in the trainings are relevant to our staff and compliment the philosophy of our school."


- Kathleen Tortolani

Fairview Country Day School



"My teachers like the convenience of being able to refer to articles when implementing the tools written in the training."


- Darlene Manning

Bradford Children's Center




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